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Thank you for writing this. I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer's when I was in my early teens, and this experience resonates deeply with me. It's very interesting that you included the anxiety over memory loss. My grandmother was diagnosed relatively early in her life, and I often worry that I am starting to lose my memory as I age. Every little thing forgotten is another reminder of her, and that one day I might become her.

My grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer's. I see her every week but it's hard to make myself go sometimes. This, as sad as it was, kind of... helped. It reinforced how important it is to keep seeing her while she's still kind of herself. Before I've more or less lost her entirely.

Thank you for this.

Well... damn. Sorry about that, mr. Rabbit... (comments over a fucking year later)


There's something about your writing style that resonates with me - like idk, I feel like I can really relate to the themes in the way you present them here. I probably wouldn't normally say I do, but this made me think differently about them. Honestly, really great stuff! 

The Pink Floyd reference (I'm presuming it is one?) is really poignant too. Like, I just went and read the lyrics to Comfortably Numb and was thinking of this the whole time!  

Absolutely loved every moment of reading this. Very moving.

Thank you for writing this.


Thank you so much for your comment and taking the time to play. I appreciate it.

You're very welcome!