Buying condoms can be awkward. Can you avoid being awkward enough to get some?

Playing the game in fullscreen is recommended!

Condom sprites by Diego Garcia

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(78 total ratings)
AuthorEmma Kidwell
GenreRole Playing, Interactive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsCasual, Comedy, sex, Text based, Twine


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lost first try, too much convo, but nice game with points to non-inflate that object.

carrying choco & going to magazine (dropping it after someone walks by), gets me "carrying 0" even I just dropped and picked it up ...could it be a bit of codingbug that way, at least no line mention how my choco possibly faded into thin air then?

but switching to snacks, yeah choco's in again maybe meant just zero magazines in hand earlier.

I choose choco twice, then thx-card but just choco seems to count once only? nice to see if I choose more if the end-scene maybe optionally modifies later?

I was a bit to good at this....oh well it was fun anyway.


i wasnt too awkward!

this game was really cute btw ^^

not my usual type of game but its pretty fun, and awkward, but fun

I think I did well with the chocolate and wine first try and everything

I was playing this with friends, funny game

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only  took 2 attempts!!!!!!


woo! after like 3 attempts i managed to not be awkward at all! nice game :)

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this is awkward

dammit I can't even be not awkward in a video game


Haha quite a lovely game really! Very short tho!


Thanks for playing! All of my games are short :)




I need that final photo on a tshirt XD


You have a great scene of humor, the game was absolute treat to play!


"You were able to buy condoms without being too awkward!"

that was rough! XD i survived!


Nice work, this is a lot of fun! You switched pronouns halfway through for the PC's partner - at first the narration uses "he", but then it switches to "they." Disregard if that's intentional, but otherwise I thought you might want to know.


Lovely way to spend 10 minutes. I enjoyed getting into the protagonist's headspace, and it was all quite charming. Great sense of humor.