Buying condoms can be awkward. Can you avoid being awkward enough to get some?

Playing the game in fullscreen is recommended!

Condom sprites by Diego Garcia


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this is awkward

dammit I can't even be not awkward in a video game


Haha quite a lovely game really! Very short tho!


Thanks for playing! All of my games are short :)




I need that final photo on a tshirt XD


You have a great scene of humor, the game was absolute treat to play!


"You were able to buy condoms without being too awkward!"

that was rough! XD i survived!


Nice work, this is a lot of fun! You switched pronouns halfway through for the PC's partner - at first the narration uses "he", but then it switches to "they." Disregard if that's intentional, but otherwise I thought you might want to know.


Lovely way to spend 10 minutes. I enjoyed getting into the protagonist's headspace, and it was all quite charming. Great sense of humor.