Buying condoms can be awkward. Can you avoid being awkward enough to get some?

Playing the game in fullscreen is recommended!

Condom sprites by Diego Garcia


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You have a great scene of humor, the game was absolute treat to play!

"You were able to buy condoms without being too awkward!"

that was rough! XD i survived!

Nice work, this is a lot of fun! You switched pronouns halfway through for the PC's partner - at first the narration uses "he", but then it switches to "they." Disregard if that's intentional, but otherwise I thought you might want to know.

Lovely way to spend 10 minutes. I enjoyed getting into the protagonist's headspace, and it was all quite charming. Great sense of humor.

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I'm sorry, this is just too confusing for me :/ Maybe I'm just not used to playing Twine games, but from the get-go I wasn't quite sure whether I was the male or female partner. Then I got to the point, where he was offering to go grab some condoms and both choices seem to result in the same result: the female partner (presumably me) leaving? Had to restart and do a sanity check and now I'm feeling too frustrated to go on..

Perhaps some slight changes in wording or differentiating direct speech through colour would prevent that from happening to other players?

Thanks so much for your feedback. I plan on publishing an updated build over the weekend to fix spelling errors and issues like this! I really appreciate you giving my game a try :)

Cool! I'd be happy to give it another go then :)